Data-driven Technology Assessments

Technology Due Diligence

for Private Equity, Venture Capital and M&A

Data first,
experienced view second

We enable faster, smarter decisions by mining companies’ data for objective insights on their technology and the team & processes behind it.
For this, we built proprietary tooling (TechMiners ONE) specifically for data-driven Tech DDs that are faster, deeper & less prone to human errors.
How we work

Our Assessment Process

Technology is understood based on facts & context of the business and people behind it
Business Context
& Document Review

We gain detailed understanding of the technology's role for both business and investment goals. We review available documents, data and contact key people.

Insight Mining
& Interviews

TechMiners ONE runs our magic to extract insights across numerous data sources (e.g. github, Jira, AWS) while we interview key staff, if possible on-site.

Result Verification
& "manual" Investigation

Deep dive into preliminary findings and issues surfaced by topic experts, clarification with Senior Tech Staff. We add topic experts where necessary.

& Recommendations

Our findings are summarized for non-technical decision makers. We propose solutions to the identified challenges and discuss it all in detail with our client.

Our expertise

We are battle-proven, experienced CTOs & Tech entrepreneurs

We have built technology & IT organisations at scale successfully

Track Record

in identifying & tackling tech challenges for real business impact: Multiple company creations, fundraisings and exits, angel investments & advisory/consulting roles

Tech DD Specialists

We have executed Technology Due Diligences on both true technology companies and software-enabled businesses: we bring experience to the table.

Unique Expert Network

Years of personal collaboration with our topic experts assure our international reach and truly scalable capacity for delivery

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