May 20, 2020

TechMiners certified as official BAFA Consultant. Get 4k€ state grant for our Tech Due Diligence!

We are certified as official consultant by BAFA!

"By the what?"

BAFA or "Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle", is the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control:

Image © Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle

It manages subsidies and credit programs available to German companies and especially Startups or Growth Ventures. State aid related to the corona-virus crisis or COVID-19 are at least coordinated if not directly provided by this Federal Office.

It functions as a gate keeper for state subsidies on consulting services used by newly started ventures. Therefore, it manages a list of certified, approved consultants that are eligible for providing the services subsidized and tax money is ultimately used for. Strict rules apply to quality control standards within the eligible consulting providers and the backgrounds of all consultants are thoroughly checked. For example concerning their ability to deliver the services on a level that is worth public tax-payers' money.

We are happy to have passed this particular "due diligence" on the first shot & obtained the certificate / trust of the German state.

Our central mission is to deliver the best technology DD one can imagine - which revolves a lot about service quality as well, so we hold this "medal" very dearly.

What's in it for you? Free Tech DD!

In short: You get a Technology Due Diligence for free.

Within that 4k€ Budget, our data-driven approach and proprietary tooling can surface a rich set of valuable insights, which you can use to improve your IT operations or convince external stakeholders of your technological soundness.

As a company founder (or Venture Capital Investment Manager), you and your portfolio could perform a Technology Due Diligence

  • anticipate upcoming Tech challenges of the next growth phase
  • increase likelihood of success of a funding round
  • estimate the real cost of exploring new, tech-heavy business opportunities
  • improve productivity and prepare technically for the rebound of the economy

Whether to internal and external stakeholders: you signal commitment to transparency and improvement proactively, which makes you stand out. You might also be in a situation where you need to identify inefficiency in the tech operations and identify your key staff if you have to decide on painful lay-off choices in your Tech Team. We can also help with that, we had to do this several times and know what to look for.

We help you with the paperwork

The specific subsidies and rules can be found here, if your German language falls short of handling red tape: we will be happy to help. We have experience in setting it up.

Get in touch to discuss the specifics of your case and check our availability (first come, first serve).

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