Data-Mining assisted Technology Assessments

Technology Due Diligence on a different level.

We enable smarter decisions by providing fact-based,
business-oriented assessments of companies’ Tech.
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TechMiners ONE
Get the real picture. Fast.


TechMiners ONE is our proprietary set of analyses, algorithms and processes as well as tools to execute them remotely and securely. ONE directs our experienced view straight to the real challenges. We see more in less time, you decide faster than the competition.


Our approach assures unmatched depth & scrutiny by removing the human time limit. Add battle-proven tech entrepreneurs / CTOs and true topic experts from our network (TechMiners TEN) and you get unique insights and superior service.


Building an excellent relationship with the team behind your investment target is crucial. Rigorously based on data (not opinion), our findings create less discussion, demonstrate technology value you add as an investor & make reports truly actionable.
Our Service to Investors & Tech Companies

We help when it matters most

CTO Sparring
As battle-proven technology founders & CTO veterans and with our network, we accompany & coach CTOs.
CTO Recruiting
We help you with defining the right profile, assessing short-listed candidates and hiring the right CTO.
Development Agency Monitoring
Keep on top of external collaborators on the technical aspects of development to reduce delays & risk.

We are different
from standard Tech Due Diligence

Risk-averse decision makers love it
Tech DD
Consultant / "Buddy CTO"
Data-centric approach & proprietary technology
Expert time spent on the real issues surfaced from analysis
Scrutiny of all available data, no "80/20 bets"
Strong acceptance by CTO & better target relationship
Target's claims can be verified objectively & quickly
Facts > personal experience & opinion
Speed & insight advantage over competing investors
Unique team background & Tech DD focus
Proven & refined processes specifically for Technology Assessments
Instant access to large network of unconflicted topic experts without searching
True understanding of business & focus on its requirements (not beauty of tech)
You demonstrate unique tech value you bring to the table as an investor
Understandable report format for making investment decisions
How we work

Our Assessment Process

Technology is understood based on facts & context of the business and people behind it
Business Context
& Document Review

We gain detailed understanding of the technology's role for both business and investment goals. We review available documents, data and contact key people.

Insight Mining
& Interviews

TechMiners ONE runs our magic to extract insights across numerous data sources (e.g. github, Jira, AWS) while we interview key staff, if possible on-site.

Result Verification
& "manual" Investigation

Deep dive into preliminary findings and issues surfaced by topic experts, clarification with Senior Tech Staff. We add topic experts where necessary.

& Recommendations

Our findings are summarized for non-technical decision makers. We propose solutions to the identified challenges and discuss it all in detail with our client.

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